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I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-10, 9 years ago.

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Sears heros at home - 7 years ago

I know everyone can't get it but I'm a little annoyed. I went to the link when it was suppose to be open cause I was subbing today. I asked a friend to do it for me but by the time I was able to get h...

LOVING Oklahoma!!! - 7 years ago

[i]I literally almost dropped the phone when Wyatt told me we were going home to OK [/i] So are you going to fort sill or is he ETSing?

LOVING Oklahoma!!! - 7 years ago

[i]I remember that. How are you liking Hawaii? I literally almost dropped the phone when Wyatt told me we were going home to OK (well, home to me, but he likes it there better than here). [/i] I...

LOVING Oklahoma!!! - 7 years ago

[i]See...us Okies are nice people[/i] I agree!! I can't wait to be back in that area! We tried to get Fort Sill but didn't get it. :(

Orders to JBLM - 7 years ago

I liked the houses in evergreen. There was plenty of space, but only 2 bedrooms or 4. We needed a 3 bedroom so we couldn't be in them, so we were in New Hillside. And I almost wished we would have sar...

POLL: For Men only, ladies please ask your Husbands for me! - 7 years ago

Ok this may be TMI idk, but my hubby isn't and he loves it. Appearently there's tons of sexual nerves in the tip of the foreskin and so it feels better. IDK, but that's what he says. He's never had a ...

pink pedal car!! - 7 years ago

I didn't know they made those until I looked at the link you posted! I love them so much! Now I want one! Lol

pink pedal car!! - 7 years ago

My dad had one of these when he was little. His was the teal and white one though. My grandma kept it and now all the grandkids and great grandkids have played with it. I have to say though it's kinda...

losing faith - 7 years ago

I just hate the fact that each MOS has different points required for promotion. My hubby's the longest time was maxed out at 798. I know there's a concept behind it, but it's just annoying to see ppl ...

I have a serious problem... - 7 years ago

I just got a whole bunch of the BBMB and I can't decide what to warm first!

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