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I joined this crazy place on 2010-10-21, 8 years ago.

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I am happily married to my Soldier and the proud mother of two beautiful boys. I also have a Husky and two cats, so our house is one crazy place that never gets boring! I enjoy playing with my kids, reading, vacuuming/cleaning (yes, it's therapeutic to me) watching a good movie or tv show, traveling, writing and hanging out with old and new friends.

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Found cat in Beachwood! - 5 years ago

Found cat in Beachwood! - 5 years ago

A part-Siamese looking cat wandered into my carport seeming very attention-starved about 20 minutes ago. I am in the Beachwood housing on North Fort. I brought her in for now but my dog is going cra...

Saturday night services on or near post?? - 6 years ago

Thanks Sandra! I will look up the website. I was trying to attend a church in Fife with my sister on Sunday mornings but 25 minutes in the morning is a lot to drive. 15-20 in an evening is nothing ...

Saturday night services on or near post?? - 6 years ago

Ok thanks. I went to church when I lived in Kirkland and most of those churches did Sat night and Sun morning services. We're busy all day Easter Sunday and I just really want to go to church this w...

Saturday night services on or near post?? - 6 years ago

I have been meaning to get into going church ever since moving onto Fort Lewis and just can't seem to motivate myself to get me and the kids ready on Sunday mornings (my husband doesn't want to go to ...

Wanted: Mr. Potato Head parts! - 7 years ago

Pmed you :). I am picking up 2 disneyworld potato heads from someone in Milton now but I am still interested in particular pieces.

Wanted: Mr. Potato Head parts! - 7 years ago

We bought our son the Toy Story Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads several months ago. He is amazing about keeping all the pieces together and definitely notices if any pieces go missing! Well, our younger s...

my poor son.. - 7 years ago

It will be fun even if there aren't a lot of people! We'll def be there and help spoil him :) Plus my mom always said the general rule is to have as many friends over as the age they are to keep the...

I got a kitten for a first time and i have few questions.. - 7 years ago

Cats do sleep a lot :) I've had cats my whole life and the two I have now have never taken baths, you really don't usually have to with cats. But if you do want to bathe them definitely start young ...

do you ever - 7 years ago

I know the feeling, I think every relationship at least has moments like these and I hope this passes for you and things improve. It is good to look at the question whether a relationship is meant to...

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