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IS Fort Lewis on a DONSA day today?

who's talking here?

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Susan --- 9 years ago -

I need to take care of something for hubby, but when I talked to our unit, they said they were on DONSA today. So I can not do the part I need to at unit until monday. Is all of Fort Lewis on DONSA today? 

Amy L --- 9 years ago -


Susan --- 9 years ago -

crapola... lol. guess I am only coming to post then to do some banking. 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

crapola... lol. guess I am only coming to post then to do some banking. 

Anne Grace --- 9 years ago -

Yep. It's nice to see my husband for more than 4 hours a day! :p 

Misty P. --- 9 years ago -

I told you they were last night when we talked.....lol 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

Misty... sometimes just Unit's give Donsa's but doesn't mean all of Fort Lewis has it. So I was not sure. I know of times where we have gotten Donsa's before, but other units have had to work. Not meaning to sound mean. just stating why I was unsure. 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -

Is the hospital included in that? My hubby works there and never seems to get off when everyone else does. He had to go to a conference today. :( 

beckaroo --- 9 years ago -

what does donsa mean lol? 

Shelley --- 9 years ago -

DONSA=day of no scheduled activities 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

basically only those that have duty have to report today. 

Misty P. --- 9 years ago -

My bad. Sorry. 

JessiKa yells roll tide --- 9 years ago -

Lol i thought it was this dead because everyone was gone to sand lands lol 

*Tattooed Mommy* --- 9 years ago -

wahhh sand land :( 

Ashley T --- 9 years ago -

haha i have never heard it called sand lands before. actually made me have to think hahaha 

JessiKa yells roll tide --- 9 years ago -

lol, yea that just kinda popped in my head. But today marks one month down :O) Only a zillion more to go it feels like :o/ 

jessica --- 9 years ago -

one month for me too. 11 more to go, but 5 til R&R (: 

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